Learn, Evaluate, Activate, Data

M-Shule LEAD Toolkit

The M-Shule LEAD Toolkit provides an all-in-one peronalized solution to reach offline or marginalized individuals across the continent, using accessible technology.
One simple platform with four core products to fulfill your program needs, all through SMS and messaging.
Use basic phones that everyone already has and SMS coverage already across the We help the individuals in their programs;Sub Saharan Africa
Save time and resources to increase productivity and outcomes

We work collaboratively with organisations to design, develop and roll out programs across the Sub Saharan Africa region. We help the individuals in their programs;

  • LEARN skills they need to succeed
  • EVALUATE their performance and progress
  • ACTIVATE to build behavior and access critical resources and knowledge
  • and collect key DATA and results.
Product Overview


Learning Platform

Using interactive, self-paced learning and training micro-courses, individuals remotely build relevant academic and life skills using AI.

  • Content Development & Adaptation
  • Proprietary learning design methodology for age-appropriate SMS mini-lessons
  • Certificate Generator
  • In-house expertise in literacy, numeracy, financial literacy, health education, life skills and more

Evaluation Tool

Measure progress & performance using qualitative & quantitative SMS assessments, quizzes, examinations and more.

  • Assessment creation & development
  • Adaptive or standardized assessment options
  • Numeric, multiple choice & open-ended tesing
  • Automatic marking, grading & analysis
  • Automated Scheduling

Activation Campaigns

Keep your stakeholders knowledgable and up-to-date with key information, knowledge-sharing & resources at the click of a button over SMS

  • Informational & Outreach campaign development & implementation
  • Behavior change, interventions & habit-building support
  • Cohort & language grouping
  • Automated scheduling & tracking

Data Collection

Collect key data & insights from your stakeholders & make decisions in real-time, from proactive surveys to data collection to dashboard analysis.

  • Survey generator tool with optional incentives
  • Analytics & insights dashboard
  • Data & Customizable reporting
  • User & cohort profiling management